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Tamarijn Homes & Gardens

Project Progress 2017-current


June-July 2018

Water installations have already been made by WEB, our local water utility company, throughout the project.

Electrical installations of poles by ELMAR,our local electricity provider,are currently being done. This will connect all the power lines to the Electrical Transformer house that will then distribute power to all the houses.  

Other utilities such as cable t.v. and internet will come shortly after, since they rely on the electrical installations.  

Here we have pictures of some of the work that's being done. 


May 2018

With the homeowners permission we are glad to share some pictures of a 'Spanten-bier" party that they held at their house that is under construction.

'Spanten-bier' is a local tradition that literally translates to 'rafter-beer'.

It's typically a celebration of reaching the highest point of the build, which is usually the top of the rafter (beams that support the roof) that is marked with the placement of a flag.  


Their house is one of our model houses, the Esmeralda with a few changes to the original drawing and it is being built by our very own, JR Construction.

Pictures show part of their celebration with family and friends and placement of the Aruban flag.   

Construction Update

April-May 2018

Construction of the houses continues and new ones are beginning. They are coming along beautifully. Feel free to take a drive through the project to see all the ongoing construction and also the lots that are still available.

Ongoing Construction

February-March 2018

It's great to see all the construction that is going on at Tamarijn Homes and Gardens, some buyers choose to begin building their home right away and others choose to wait.

The pictures show homes that are currently under construction.

Being built are some of our model houses, some with their own design or even model houses from other companies. Some homes are being built with roof tiles and others with flat roofs. We see different contractors and even some who choose to build on their own. 

16 Lots Sold

February 2018

Pictured is our latest buyers at the Notary's office, a lovely young couple who are building one of our model homes, the 'Esmeralda', with a flat roof.

Construction will begin immediately, and their chosen contractor is our very own, JR Construction.

Congratulations Eron, Angellin and family and thank you very much!

First Homes Being Built

January 2018

We're exited to see homes being built at Tamarijn Homes and Gardens.

The house pictured is on the eastern side of the development, facing west.

This particular buyer has chosen to build a home of her own design with a contractor of her choice.

We're anxious to see the end result. 

Electrical Transformer House

December 2017

To be able to supply all the homes for the project of Tamarijn Homes and Gardens with electricity, an Electrical Transformer House (Trafo) must first be built in order to later distribute the power received from the electric company (ELMAR).

The construction of the Trafo has to be done to exact specifications and then be approved by ELMAR.

Here we have a picture of the Tamarijn Homes and Gardens Trafo being built by JR Construction. 

At the Notary

December 2017

Here's a picture of one of our most recent buyers at the Notary Public's office. 

All deed signings and transfers happen at the office of, and witnessed by, a Notary Public.

Better Homes' staff gladly guide all clients through this process and answer any questions they might have.

For the Tamarijn Homes and Gardens project we have been working with the Notary office of Yarzagaray.  

6 Lots Down, Many More to Go...

November 2017

More happy Tamarijn Homes and Gardens land owners, that makes six lots down and many more to go. 

Here's a picture of our latest buyer, receiving a gift to celebrate the happy occasion. 

We should soon see the first houses begin construction.

First Lot Sold!

October 2017

With the road completed, many reservations made and after much anticipation it's time to sell some lots. 

Here's a picture of our first Tamarijn Homes and Gardens land owners.


Streetname and Address

October 2017

We've been issued the Street-name and addresses for the Tamarijn Homes and Gardens project, and it's no surprise; Baranca! (which means boulder in Papiamento) 

Water Drainage Channels

September 2017

Even though Aruba is known for having sunny weather year round, we do get occasional bad weather, especially during the rainy season.  


To ensure a good flow of potential rain/flood water we have a total of 5 water drainage channels at Tamarijn Homes and Gardens.

This picture shows a boulder that we have nicknamed the "dogs head boulder" that lies right in one of the canals and instead of moving it, we've built the canal around it as to still ensure water flow. 

Donation to Red Cross Aruba

September 2017

During this hurricane season some of our neighboring Caribbean islands were devastated by multiple hurricanes. Thankfully Aruba is below the Hurricane belt and we were not affected.


Better Homes donated on behalf of the 58 lots on our current project afl.100 for each lot to the Aruba Red Cross, who are helping with relief supplies in affected areas.

Open House at Tamarijn

September 2017

It's time to celebrate the progress that's been happening at Tamarijn Homes and Gardens, with neighbors, future buyers and everyone involved in the project such as construction- and infrastructure workers, appraisers, surveyors, drafters, notary public etc. 

Road completed

August 2017

After three months of laying 201.726 individual pavers (that's almost 500 skids), the road has been completed.

This picture, taken by Better Homes' own director, shows what a beautiful view of the Hooiberg and surrounding area there is. 

Tamarijn Homes and Gardens is a great location for any nature lover.

Paving the Road

June 2017

We've chosen to pave the road instead of the traditional asphalt, it's a lot more work but definitely worth it.

Preparing and Leveling the Roads

May 2017

Before the road can be paved it has to have all the concrete sides, be filled with sand and leveled. 

Recreational Park

April 2017

We have two parks, the northern is a recreational park with a combination soccer & basketball court, and the southern is a natural park.

Clearing the Road

April 2017

Clearing the pathways that will be the roads of Tamarijn Homes & Gardens.

Moving & Removing Boulders

February-March 2017

This area of the island has a lot of rocks and boulders. 

Better Homes is known for trying to preserve as much nature as possible during the development of projects, whether it be trees, cacti and even boulders.

We did remove some, and moved many to the park areas, but we are reluctant to move boulders that add to the landscape and especially ones that have been rooted in a place for many years. 

We hope future land owners appreciate the beauty of Tamarijn and preserve as much of it's nature as they can as well. 

New project! Tamarijn Homes and Gardens

January 2017

Would like to live on your own property land, in a quiet residential neighborhood located in Paradera, Aruba, surrounded by nature? If the answer is yes, then you're in luck.

It's another development by Better Homes n.v. ,"Tamarijn Homes and Gardens", we have 58 lots of various sizes of property land available.


Choose one of our model houses or design your own dream home. Build with our associate contractor, JR Construction, or use your own. Build your house now, or after a couple of years, it's up to you.  

Contact us for any questions you may have or to make a reservation 

from mon. to fri. 8am to 5pm at (+297) 582-8080 or visit us at our office located at Italiestraat 24-A unit#3 (Behind Crown Blvd., next to Visser Trading)


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